Essential Minerals
for Life and Health

Life Minerals is rich in naturally occurring minerals sourced from deposits of humic shale/clay. These huge deposits were formed by plants growing more than 65 million years ago and have been protected by a layer of sandstone and contain over 70 different minerals and trace minerals.

Easily Absorbed for Fast Action

Life Minerals (Colloidal Minerals) are the most easily absorbed of all mineral supplements as they by-pass the digestive system. Being liquid and having an ultra fine particle size of 0.001 microns in diameter, they are approximately 2000 times smaller than the smallest metallic mineral, which makes them readily absorbed.

Easily absorbed

Discover the Superior Power
of Life Minerals

Life Minerals (Colloidal Minerals) provide the structural material for bone and teeth formation. Calcium will not do this alone. Get more information Life Minerals (Colloidal Minerals) Watch Dr. Joel Wallach talks about Colloidal Minerals and how that form is different and perhaps more beneficial than a pill.

Get your daily mineral needs
with one delicious serving

Life Minerals provides your daily mineral needs in just one delicious grape flavour dose. Simply open and pour 15ml once or twice day in a glass of water at meal time and feel confident your body is getting the full spectrum of minerals it needs to stay healthy.

Delicious, Nutritious
and Great Value!

Life Minerals is your perfect source of essential minerals, is great tasting and fantastic value. One 500ml bottle typically lasts 1 month That's equivalent to just 90 pence per day.

Life Minerals


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